And then there were two, this following Thursday's unprecedented events that unfolded where the world was left with virtually no live sporting events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Following Friday's announcement that NASCAR has postponed their next couple of races, all that are left is MMA via the UFC and boxing.

Without question, it is nice to have at least a couple of sports remaining to keep us entertained during these trying times, as Kevin Lee is taking on Charles Oliveira on Saturday in the main event of a card to be held in Brazil. UFC President Dana White has also noted that UFC 249 on April 18 between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson is still on too.

As for boxing, Friday evening Brandun Lee is facing Camilo Prieto in the main event on a card in Minnesota on Showtime. I am one of the biggest fans of combat sports, however, there is no reason why any sports should be occurring now with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, as our priorities should be strictly for the betterment of humanity during these trying times.

Sports are the escape we may need for our daily lives, but now is not the time to focus on made up games and matches, as they are not nearly as important as human lives. Athletes are especially vulnerable during combat sports, therefore it makes no sense as to why these events are still taking place. The world is a strange place right now and things may very well get worse before they get better.

People need to figure out other things to do such as spend more time with their families, find other hobbies, watch reruns of their favorite sporting events, or see how they can help their community during these turbulent times. The Coronavirus was officially declared as a National State of Emergency, hence, athletics are truly the least of our worries now.

All sports need to be set aside for a while, because games and events are just that, made up things that we think are important; however, life is the only thing that matters right now.

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