The blue print to beat FC Barcelona was given today at Stamford Bridge by Chelsea FC and that is: Defense.

It is tough to defend a club like Barcelona with so many world class players but Chelsea showed today that it can be done and patience is also a vital part of that blue print.

The first have was completely dominated by Barca. They had  377 passes to prove it. Chelsea needed solid defense and (easier said than done) patience, as well as a single chance that paid off with a goal from Didier Drogba (45+2) in first half stoppage time.

Lionel Messi, the best player on the planet, after an apparent groin strain, uncharacteristically gave away the ball to Chelsea's Frank Lampard. Lampard got the ball to Rimieres on the left wing who sent an outstanding cross to Drogba and Drogba put it in the net for the only goal of the match.

Barcelona seemed a bit off. There were spots today where they would normally capitalize on mistakes but didn't.

Chelsea needed a flawless effort to win this match and they got it. With a 1 goal lead, Chelsea have a chance to do what most would call, impossible and oust the defending champs at home.

The return leg will be next Tuesday, April 24 at 12:30pm CST on FOXSoccer from Nou Camp.

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