Are you ready for a cold, frosty one in your favorite watering hole? Tired of drinking on your own back porch? Sick of not taking an Uber home after a night out because you don't want a DUI? Are you ready for the lights and action of a bar? Well, it looks like Texas Governor Greg Abbott has your back and your drink.

The governor tweeted this on Monday:

Does that mean we are going to see the return of bars and clubs? Remember that when Abbott closed bars a couple of months ago - hard to believe it's only been a few months - bar owners were not happy because restaurants were able to stay open with reduced capacity and bars couldn't. Bar owners were given a big break when Abbott decided that they could reopen if they made 51% of their revenue from food sales. Bars began teaming up with food trucks or putting in full restaurants so they could open up and sell alcohol. They did still have to abide by rules that said their customers would have to wear face coverings, observe social distancing, and not wander between tables.

The governor usually makes announcements about changes in his COVID-19 orders on Tuesday and Wednesday so we'll keep an eye on what he has to say in the next couple of days, but it looks like he is ready to reopen bars and clubs from his tweet. Of course, El Paso has been seeing an increase in COVID-19 infections so it's also likely that El Paso officials might ask for him to slow his roll in El Paso. Either way, we'll keep you up-to-date as soon as we find out.

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