The moment fans heard, "If you smell what the Rock is cooking!", they knew they were witnessing greatness.  The first third-generation superstar in World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment history, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson became one of the biggest box office draws in professional wrestling history.

The grandson of High Chief Peter Maivia and the son of Rocky Johnson, the Rock grew up to become one of the best the business has ever seen.  His skills were so impressive that he was able to also become among the biggest stars on the silver screen in Hollywood.  His natural charisma both on the mic and in his matches have truly made the Rock "the People's Champion."

In his amazing career, the Rock is a ten-time world champion, and is WWF/E's sixth Triple Crown champ.  From his stale beginning as Rocky Maivia, to his launching of the Rock when he joined the Nation of Domination, and all the way to headlining three Wrestlemanias with Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock has built an unqustioned legacy of greatness.  Every match told a great story and his talent allowed to even deliver others' finishing moves better than even the owner's of that move could normally deliver-- one of the best Stone Cold Stunners ever delivered was done so by the Rock to Austin himself.

His charisma allowed for one of the oddest couplings in wrestling history, the Rock-n-Sock Connection, to go down as one of the most popular tag teams ever.  His skills allowed for great matches against the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Triple H, and the epic Icon vs Icon match at Wrestlemania X8 against the Immortal Hulk Hogan.  The Rock went from being a happy face fans despised, to the leader of the Nation of Domination, to betray the "People" to become the "Corporate Champion," to becoming the face of the franchise, all the way to returning from an eight-year absence to take on John Cena in a Once in a Lifetime match at Wrestlemania.

During his entire career, the Rock was among the headliners during the Attitude Era that led the WWF/E to beat World Championship Wrestling in the Monday Night Wars.  The Rock laid the smackdown on his opponents in such an entertaining fashion that WWF/E created a new wrestling program name Smackdown.  Fans so loved his in-ring style that they gladly checked into the Smackdown Hotel on the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard and Jabroni Drive to witness the Rock shine his boot nicely, turn it that sumbitch sideways, and stick straight up his opponents' "candy asses."

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