The "Game" Triple H comes in as the fifth-best in-ring workers of all time.  A 13-time World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H was one of the reasons that World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment's Attitude Era helped propel them to victory in the Monday Night War with World Championship Wrestling.

He joined WWF/E as Connecticut Blueblood Hunter Hearst Helmsley prior to the beginning of the Attitude Era and quickly latched himself on to three of the top talents of WWF/E at the time-- Diesel (Kevin Nash), Razor Ramon (Scott Hall), and Shawn Michaels-- known to many in the industry as the Kliq.  After Nash and Hall left WWF/E for WCW with the Madison Square Garden "Curtain Call," Triple H was punished and had to wait to receive the push he was destined to receive.  Triple H took his punishment with grace and, after creating Degeneration-X with Michaels, helped bring about the Attitude Era that led WWF/E to victory over WCW in the Monday Night War.

His grace in the ring earned him the nickname of "the Game." Triple H's almost perfect timing with every maneuver during all matches-- regardless of who he was facing-- was another reason he became known as the "Cerebral Assassin."  From his epic rivalry with The Rock, as the leaders of the Nation of Domination and D-X respectively, to his run of 13 world titles and leading the amazing stable of Evolution, Triple H built a resume of greatness that few superstars can ever equal.

Whether he was a face or a heel, fans always knew that when Triple H stepped into the squared circle they were about to witness an instant classic.  In May 2001, he suffered a career-threatening torn thigh injury that put into question whether his career would end prematurely.  Through hard work and perseverance, Triple H came back to win the Royal Rumble in 2002 and defeated the first Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania X8.

Triple H would win a then-record 13 WWE World titles during his fantastic career before turning his attention to the business side of the sports entertainment profession.  As the man in charge of WWE's developmental territory NXT, he has helped to develop some of the most exciting young talent that is ready to lead WWE into a new era of success.  While one of biggest fan favorites during his run, Triple H has always found the most success as a heel-- case in point, his current run as the leader of The Authority.  The "King of Kings" Triple H will go down in history without a doubt that he was one of the greatest tactitians inside the ring.

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