Tim Tebow is a virgin. There is a strict “lookie but no touchie” policy that he swears by. Although with some of the women that he has been rumored to be have been involved with romantically, we find it pretty hard to believe.

We’ve ‘lookied’ at them all and want to ‘touchie’ every single one of them. Slowly. Almost like grabbing a football and searching for the laces until….yeah, we should stop.

Here are ten of the rumored and speculated lovely ladies that Mr. Tebow has bravely (or stupidly) resisted the “urges of the flesh” with and the pros and cons of dating each.

Taylor Swift

If you type in “Tebow” and “Girlfriend” into Google you get about 500 pages of blogs stating that Tebow and country star Taylor Swift were once an item.

Pros – She’ll let you hold her Grammys (and yes I meant the award). She’s tall enough to get into those hard to reach places above doorways and kitchen cabinets.

Cons – If you screw her over she dedicate an entire album to it, that EVERYONE will hear.

Amanda Pflugrad

Former cheerleader for the Oregon Ducks and now a Entertainment/Lifestyle reporter for FOX Sports in Arizona.

Pros – She’ll constantly be getting different uniforms to try on. She gets excited when you’re A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E.

Cons – She constantly quotes ‘Bring It On’ and says it “so reminds her of her high school.”

Morgan Woolard

A Twitter rumor put this former Miss Oklahoma Teen USA and Tim Tebow together at one point. Man does this guy get around or what?

Pros – Impromptu Swimsuit judging responsibilities. Free stays in Trump hotels.

Cons – She brings that stupid sash everywhere.

Erin Drewes

As a senior at Florida, Drewes took a photo with Tebow at a party and the internet took it from there. She denied the tryst but didn’t help matters by doing a body paint spread donning Tebow’s number.

Pros – She’s a football fan with big boobs.

Cons – Can’t argue with that one.

Lucy Pinder

In the Internet’s version of ‘The Telephone Game,’ Lucy bares a striking resemblance to Miss Drewes and the Tebow connection was simply a case of mistaken identity.

Pros – People will constantly think you’re dating Erin Drewes.

Cons – When she gets excited she sounds like Tracy Ullman from Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Lindsay Vonn

Olympic Skier, Lindsey Vonn insists that she’s just good friends with the Tebow family. Which means that she comes over for dinner and plays checkers with Grandpa Tebow but doesn’t have sleepovers with Timmy.

Pros – Free ski lift tickets!

Cons - If you suggest anything lower than a black diamond, she’ll call you a wussy.

Katy Perry

The pop beauty was rumored to date Tim after her divorce to Russell Brand mainly because of their shared religious beliefs. Although at last glance, the two remain single.

Pros – Get invited to all the cool Hollywood parties, meet interesting people, hang out with her famous friends.

Cons - Her famous friends are Rebecca Black.

Kate Upton

Tebow and Upton were rumored to be an item because Kate Upton is rumored to be an item with everyone. In fact, she should be rumored to be dating a Guyspeed writer any day now.

Pros – Like you need one.

Cons – Constant Carl’s Jr farts.

Janell Wheeler

This one may actually have been true at one time. After being photographed together a number of times, the NY Post made the conclusion that Tim and Janell were an item. Wheeler denies that they are dating but both her and Tim agree that they are just “very good friends.”

Pros – You can finally get 5 stars on Rock Band because no one ever wants to be the singer.

Cons – You have to pretend like you give a crap about America Idol.

Dianna Agron

This This one is a fairly new rumor going around. Seems according to numerous gossip sites Tebow has a crush on the sitcom star and passed her a note in class one time that said “Do you like me? Check one” and then he wrote, “Yes” “No” and “Maybe” with little boxes next to them.

Pros – Pretty good chance you’ll get to hang out with Jane Lynch.

Cons – You have to pretend like you give a crap about Glee.