There was a time in this country when everyone and everything took a backseat to the 'Fall Classic.'  There was also a time in this country when we mostly traveled by train and corresponded by letter.

Saying that baseball is losing a cultural and popularity war to football is nothing new.  For a variety of reasons baseball has not captivated the last few generations of sports fans.  There are still diehards, and we'll talk about the World Series, but World Series television ratings have been on a sharp decline the last twenty years.

The sad truth is that if the Yankees aren't playing there is little national interest.  Last year an estimated 15 million Americans watched the Giants clinch their first series in nearly 60 years.  Super Bowl XLV between the Packers and Steelers became the most watched program in American television history with an estimated 111 viewers.

I understand that comparing the World Series and Super Bowl is apples and oranges.  The Super Bowl is an excuse for a big party and has become a pseudo-American holiday.  The World Series has been relegated to another event on the sports calendar.

The dramatic final day of baseball's regular season gave the sport a much needed boost, but I doubt that will carry over to the World Series.  St. Louis and Texas are regional teams that won't garner much national interest.

I think baseball has reached the point of no return.  It will have to accept its status as a second class citizen in a football obsessed nation.

Texas and St. Louis are good teams with star power, but will you be watching?

Maybe baseball is losing the ratings war, but these promos are sweet!