As we near the dawn of another NFL season, there is arguably no team with higher expectations than the Philadelphia Eagles.  The bulk of their free agent signings were on the defensive side of the ball, but the man entrusted to lead them to the promised land is one Michael Dwayne Vick.

The same Michael Vick who was signed by Philadelphia to be a third string quarterback two years ago.  The same Michael Vick who was doing time in a Kansas prison on dog fighting charges three years ago.

In an article for GQ by Will Leitch that will hit newsstands in September, Leitch caught up with the Eagles polarizing quarterback. has posted the article online.

Leitch discovered there are two Michael Vicks.  There is the confident, private Vick who wants to open up and speak his mind, but realizes the potential consequences.  There is also the carefully crafted, public version of Vick who is well versed in all the talking points his PR team has presented him.

The private Vick is much more fascinating.  I truly believe there is a part of him that still scratches his head how the rest of the country, mostly white America, reacted to his 'hobby.'  People tend to be products of their environment, and I don't think Michael Vick is any exception.

Leitch talks about the quiet few who made the argument that Vick's punishment, and banishment, and ostracism from society was excessive.  I have always fallen in that category, and it didn't take a five touchdown first half on Monday Night Football to lead me to that conclusion!