It's a good thing when you can take a feature of your home and turn it into something that a whole community loves and looks forward to seeing.

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Lubbock has a home that has grown in popularity over the years and is known as the Smiling Bush house.   This home has a giant bush on the corner of it that the homeowners both old and new have decorated for every holiday and season, and when there isn't a holiday, its big eyes and smiles greet the citizens and guests of Lubbock.

Not too long ago the owner that gave Lubbock the Smiling Bush passed away and the house was sold, but the new owners continued the tradition.  They have also turned the Smiling Bush house into an Airbnb.  So not only can you enjoy the very happy big bush, you can also stay in its home.

The home has 3 bedrooms, two baths, and is big enough for 8 people.  This home is $126 per night.  It's centrally located in Lubbock so you are near the medical district, close to Texas Tech, and close to shopping.  It's got a great backyard and a small rock climbing wall for the kids.   These are some cool features, but c'mon it's the smiling bush home!

You Can Now Stay at the Smiling Bush Home in Lubbock

This cute home has been a beloved home in Lubbock for years. The home is popular because of the big bush out front. Each holiday or season the owner would decorate the bush and Lubbock residents fell in love.

You can now stay in this fun-loving Lubbock home. Currently, the home is priced at $162 dollars per night, but those prices can fluctuate depending on the season.

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