So I got a little message to list my side hustle on a travel site. I thought I'd check it out before I did anything.

The site is KAYAK and I've heard of them before. I'm sure there are many instances where they are incredibly helpful when you're traveling to popular destinations. It looks like they cover basic tourist information on where to eat, where to stay, and where to go. I'm not sure how they compile the information on these things, but again, I see where some of these tips could be handy.

When popping over to Lubbock, they have a nice little plug about Lubbock being a "must-see destination", it's at that point that something goes wrong. Apparently, the computer then determines what your length of stay should be to truly enjoy the town.  That's where this quote comes from:


We recommend you stay at least 1 days in order to fully appreciate everything Lubbock has to offer-Kayak


Yes, "1 days". Let's start with the fact that the computer isn't even set up to accommodate "1 day" as an option from a grammar standpoint. Yep, the lack of things to do caused the computer to blow its gears, let out a little puff of smoke and fall apart in the most comical of ways available.

As much fun as I'm having with this, I kind of think there's more than one day's worth of stuff to do in Lubbock if you open your mind. I always suggest the Ranching Heritage Center to newbs, and that's going to take up half a day. Spend the other half day at the Buddy Holly Museum and you've knocked out a full day. Then the next day you could knock out something like the Wind Museum, the Silent Wings Museum, or The Tech Museum (we already have more things labeled "Museum" than you thought, right?).  If it's the weekend you could scope out a band or two, and squeeze in some local places to eat.

If you haven't figured it out, I'm saying Lubbock is good for TWO days, but three would really be pushing it.

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