In what seems to be inevitable, the NFL will more than likely eliminate extra point attempts beginning next season.  It is clear that owners unanimously want to get rid of the NFL's dullest play and spice things up a bit.  No proposals were voted on during the owners' meeting as of now, however there will be alternatives to the extra point attempt that owners will be able to vote on at the next meeting in May.

One of the possible changes includes having teams line up after a touchdown at the 1 and a half yard line and go for a two point conversion.  It is understandable that the extra point isn't exactly a glamorous aspect of NFL games currently, but they are truly a significant part of the tradition of the game and shouldn't be changed.

So often the extra points are a crucial part of the game and may even effect the outcome if they are missed or blocked.  As a true fan of football in general, the extra point is fundamentally important and since the two point conversion was implemented years ago as an option instead of kicking an extra point, there is no need to eliminate it.  The sport has survived and thrived for years with the extra point and therefore does not warrant nor justify a change now.

The old cliché "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" certainly holds true here.  If the NFL does decide to narrow the goal posts and keep the extra point, it would certainly be a better idea than eliminating it all together.  After all, these skilled kickers should be able to make extra points and field goals through the narrowest of places.  Certain things need to stay the same, the NFL should most definitely think twice before taking away a mellow, yet significant aspect of the game that may be less interesting that the rest of the contest, but is still rather meaningful.