After spending a couple of hours watching the 2016 NFL Pro Bowl, I came to the conclusion that the NFL needs to get rid of the Pro Bowl. And this is coming from a person that actually flew to Hawaii in 2008 to watch the game in person.

In the last couple of years, the NFL has threatened to get rid of the game due to the fact that the players really weren't trying to play during the game. So the NFL tried to freshen it up by making it like a fantasy football game by getting rid of the traditional AFC vs NFC into two teams drafted by a former player. The first year they tried this experiment, it felt kind of cool. But after watching it on Sunday, the game is just straight up boring.

First of all, every NFL player wants to be named to the Pro Bowl, but none of them actually wants to play in the game. The 2016 Pro Bowl had the most unaccepted player invitations in history.

Second, the players are even trying less. I think I only counted 4 tackles in the entire game! I can understand that nobody wants to get injured in a meaning less game, but if that's the case, make it a flag football game.

Third, you have the ESPN crew trying to convince the audience that the players are taking the game serious. John Gruden was saying how important is was for team Rice to make a stop on third down since they were only down by 21 points. I'm sure the New York Giants were happy to see their star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. playing defense for team Rice.

The only thing I found entertaining in the game is when Richard Sherman tried to RKO Clay Matthews. Other than that the game was a complete bore and for the first time I can honestly say I have zero interest in watching the game next year unless the NFL makes it more of a skills challenge type of thing. Kind of like the NBA's All Star Saturday Night.

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