'Trump or Hillary' divided America.  'Dak or Tony' is dividing America’s team.

From 4th round pick, 135th overall, the 8th Quarterback drafted, the play of Dak Prescott has become the catalyst for a good old fashioned Quarterback controversy. The 23 year old is quickly becoming known for his work ethic and low key lifestyle. Stories of Dak’s choosing responsible behavior instead of exploring the opportunities for excess that often comes with fast fame. Geez, the guy even lives in a condo in Frisco because it’s just a few minutes away from the Cowboys practice facility.

At the other side of the debate is Tony Romo, who last year fans would have traded…well, anything to have back.  Tony has done so much for the Boys over the years he’s headed to the ring of honor, but now that he’s healthy should he be headed to the starting line up or the bench?  Here’s what some El Pasoans think.

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Facebook fan Charlie Hill - There should be no decision necessary. You keep playing Prescott until he has a bad game.

Facebook fan Jake Gibbs - Romo will become the highest paid "clipboard totter" in the NFL

Facebook fan Kurt Francis - Amazing!!! How everyone is turning on Romo now!! Fickle fans. I'm sure when Prescott starts screwing up you'll be begging for Romo

Facebook fan Michael Wasson - I say ROMO your FINISHED! RETIRE ROMO or TRADED ROMO! U DON'T NEED ROMO!!!. U have Sanchez, Dak, & u also have Showers!!!

Facebook fan Justin Zalesak - You play Dak if you are playing for the future, you aren't winning this season with him (playoff games/Super Bowl) but you probably aren't with Romo either, so get the young guy playing time and work towards 3 to 5 years from now and maybe if the team progresses like it should, you are a Super Bowl favorite

Facebook fan Henry Reyes - Tony: Mainly so he can show Dak on how to run more of the playbook that Dak hasn't seen yet. I think the Cowboys need him (Dak) to understand the playbook from top to bottom. And Tony would be the perfect teacher for that

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600 ESPN Crunchtime host Brandon “Iceman” Cohn - As much as I admire Tony Romo and am a tremendous fan of his, it is time to pass the torch to Prescott. He is proving he possesses the traits to be a successful quarterback in the NFL. As fans, all we can worry about is the here and now. Football is a brutal sport, and an individual's career can end due to one bad hit at any moment. The past and the future are not relevant. Prescott is winning right now, and that is all that counts.

600 ESPN’s Mike Tipton - Romo has literally broken his back for the Cowboys…twice. He should be afforded the ability to start again for them, but the roll the team is on makes it harder and harder for them to shut down the Era of Dak in Dallas this early. Perhaps if Prescott were to struggle in Pittsburgh then maybe Romo makes his comeback in Dallas against the Ravens. Don’t hold your breath, Prescott is the real deal.

Partner station KSII Afternoon host and hardcore Cowboys fan Patty Campos - This is still Tony’s team. We aren’t winning games BECAUSE of Dak, we are winning games WITH Dak, huge difference. Sure he has had an amazing season stats wise, but the fact that our O-line and Defense is playing up to par (finally) makes a huge difference in the team overall. As the classic saying goes, “there is no I in Team.”  For the debate of Romo or Dak, I say Romo. Go COWBOYS!

How Dak plays in Pittsburgh should make the decision Garrett must make more obvious. As Patty said, regardless of who is under Center, one thing Cowboys fans can agree on…Go COWBOYS!

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