If a team lost a game in competition by not scoring one point, you may refer to it as a spanking and that is exactly what happened to the NCAA on Monday.

The Supreme Court in a 9-0 landmark decision sided with former athletes over the NCAA in a dispute over athlete rights and compensation.

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The decision directly affects the education-related benefits that a school can provide to athletes while at college.

In turn, the Supreme Court ruled that the current rules in place restricting certain benefits for educational purposes are invalid and can't be enforced.

This does not mean that athletes can earn a salary, but it does now eliminate a cap on benefits such as tutoring, computers, graduate scholarships, internships, and more.

On July 1, the NCAA will have to adapt to another rule change in which multiple states will allow athletes to be compensated for name, image, and likeness, meaning more universal rule changes are most likely on the horizon.

The NCAA has said they will not prosecute student-athletes who capitalize on name, image, and likeness in those states, creating an urgency for rule adaptation in other states as well.

For more information on the NCAA, future decisions based on this ruling, and future schedules across the country, you can visit their website.


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