When they asked the Iceman to be a judge for the fajita category of the 2014 Mexican Food Cook-Off it was music to my ears.  I was told not to eat a lot the day of the event because of the numerous samples of fajitas that my fellow judges and I would be sampling.  Last week I even prepared for this wonderful experience by eating more than usual, which wasn't difficult at all for me.  This was my first year being a judge, and they won't have to twist my arm to do it on an annual basis.  Overall the Mexican Food Cook-Off was a unique event that featured food from 14 vendors, a variety of margaritas, and Rock N Roll Mariachis.  Here are some pictures of the fajitas that I was fortunate enough to sample.  One last note, they told me to just sample each plate or else I would get full, well that certainly didn't happen, sampling is not part of my vocabulary.

The Iceman with a few of his fellow fajita judges including Steve Kaplowitz and Buzz Adams.