Once upon a time there was a magical world full of color, fueled by imagination. This was the world of the Baseball card. Baseball cards have been around since the 1800’s, but the modern era of the card came during Baseball’s golden age with the arrival of the Topps bubblegum card. Now days you’ll find numerous companies contributing to both fans' passion for the sport, and the investment portfolios of collectors.

This gallery is a tribute to some of the great Dodgers cards which contributed to my exercising my imagination. Some of their captions were my exact thoughts upon seeing these cards for the first time. Others are in retrospect, what first pops into my head as I revisit those images capturing a moment in time, immortalizing these players for all eternity.

There have been some historically fuzzy unibrows but Wally Moon set the standard.

Billy G. was small but so strong he could rip the ball right off…

How’d you like to be this guy? Not Mike or Fernando, Jack Perconte. His 1981 Topps rookie card features one of the all-time great Dodgers, a well respected player who made great contributions to a World Series winner, and…who?

Claude Osteen was most famous for his role as Gomer Pyle, U.S. Marine.

What was Willie Davis smoking? Oh those crazy 60’s.

I’m not sure if that’s a miss cut of his photo on Al Walker’s 1958 Topps card or if he forgot to take the sales tag off his mitt.

Ed Goodson, but bad hair, bad airbrush job, bad card.

This 1961 Duke Snider Topps card is exactly what greatness should look like.

There are so many more great Dodgers Baseball cards I could have included…so part 2 next week.