When the NBA Playoffs started in mid-April, Asur Illustrations created an illustration for each series. As the playoffs progressed you can see which team was victorious and which team was defeated as Asur had some mark of the losing team in the possession of the winning team.

Check out the lastest illustrations from Asur.

You can see the skies with lightning resembling the Oklahoma City Thunder in the shape of a Spur in reference to them defeating San Antonio. As for the flying Warrior he has Rockets on his feet and an axe to represent them taking it from the Trailblazers. On the right picture you can see a Raptor with the Pacers logo under it's right class and spitting fire to represent their victory over the Miami Heat. You can see a flying Cavalier, who got it's wings from beating the Atlanta Hawks.

Check out the full collection on Asur Illustrations' Twitter page.

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