I have been a Cowboys fan ever since I was 12 years old.  Despite living in El Paso for so many years, I never had the opportunity to see a Dallas Cowboys home game.  That all changed this past Monday night when I traveled to Arlington to watch the Cowboys vs. Bears game. 

When I first saw Cowboys Stadium in person, one word came to mind, magnificent!  Walking up to the stadium was the most fun that I have ever experienced going to an NFL game.  There was live music being played by the entrance, and everyone was pumped up in preparation for the game.  Once I entered the stadium, my jaw dropped, literally.  The Iceman has seen many stadiums around the country, but this one was by far the most spectacular one.  What caught my eye first was the enormous HD screen that extends 60 yards, from one side of the field at the 20 yard line to the other side of the field at the 20.


At first the roof was closed, and the sun was glaring through the glass as it was around 6:15 in the afternoon, and game time was still more than an hour away.  My next goal was to explore as much of the stadium that I could prior to the start of the game.  My first stop was the Cowboys pro shop, which is 2 stories high, and full of Cowboys merchandise.  Next, I had to go see the brand new Victoria's Secret that was recently added to the stadium.

Finally, the Iceman looked around at the different concessions to see all the unique types of food that the stadium had to offer.  You name it, they have it, from jumbo jalapeno sausages, Cowboys cheese steak sandwiches, and all of the other stadium grub.  Cowboys stadium offers a variety of food for every appetite.  Make sure you come with plenty of money, the jumbo jalapeno sausage was $10 alone!  What intrigued me the most about the concession stands was that the screens with the food selections on them were digital.


The roof was open on Monday night for the Cowboys vs. Bears game. (photo by Brandon Cohn)

We finally got to our seats and the roof was open, how fitting for Monday Night Football!  The Bears, who happen to be my second favorite NFL team travel really well.  The section that we were sitting in mostly consisted of Bears fans.  There were times that I couldn't tell that we were at a Cowboys home game.

The Cowboys laid an egg and Romo threw 5 interceptions.  The Bears played superior on defense, and offensively Cutler found wide receiver Brandon Marshall all night long.  Chicago won the game 34-18, and although I wanted to see the Cowboys win, it was okay that they lost to my second favorite team.

People think I'm nuts when I tell them that my heart lies with both the Cowboys and Bears.  I always tell them, my family lives in Chicago therefore I love the Bears, and my home has been in El Paso for so long, that I love the Cowboys too.

My special thanks to my friend Ron for taking me to the game and making two of my dreams come true.  The first was actually seeing a Cowboys home game, and the second was finally attending a game at Cowboys Stadium.   I guess what they say is true, Bears fans aren't half bad!