Never mind the past and what has happened leading up to this years  Hyundai Sun Bowl.

Forget the image of USC coach Lane Kiffin in a sombrero with a less than excited smile on his face.

That fact is, everyone knew the story was going to play out like this but deep down, they hoped that somehow it wouldn't.

But instead of everyone enjoying the 79th edition of the Sun Bowl, we are having to deal with a mess that could have easily been avoided had people embraced the experience of being at a bowl game instead of worrying about where the bowl game is.

The hard work and dedication that Bernie Olivas and the rest of the people with the Sun Bowl deserve more respect than what they have been given. Not to mention the Sheriffs Posse for the hard work that went into the dinner last night.

The best thing the people of El Paso can do is be bigger than these people and enjoy one of the oldest bowl games there is.

And... Cheer for Georgia Tech!! Ha!


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