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Why Is My Neighbor Looking for Steve Sarkisian?
I was listening in on my neighbor, Fred, as he was making a phone call in his back yard yesterday.
Not listening by choice, mind you. At least not at first. Fred's voice was drowning out my weed-whacker.
"Hallo, is this the Orange County Rehab Center...
The Hyundai Sun Bowl Is Bigger Than Any Team
Never mind the past and what has happened leading up to this years  Hyundai Sun Bowl.
Forget the image of USC coach Lane Kiffin in a sombrero with a less than excited smile on his face.
That fact is, everyone knew the story was going to play out like this but deep down, they hoped that somehow it…
Marinovich Documentary Raises Question of Nature Vs. Nurture
If you will indulge me, I would love to play 'pop psychologist' for a moment.  For hundreds of years those who study human behavior have wondered whether nature or nurture have a bigger impact on the human psyche.  The general consensus seems to be that both play an important rol…
DeWayne Walker to UCLA?
When UCLA hired Rick Neuheisel in 2008, their marketing department famously took out a one page ad in the L.A. Times proclaiming the 'football monopoly in Los Angeles was officially over.'
If they meant they knew USC was about to go on probation they were right...