We are still receiving messages and your calls all about the great pizza debate. Last week, Buzz, Nico and I discussed an article I wrote about the highest rated pizza places in El Paso. The list, compiled by Tripadvisor and a website named Stacked, named the number one spot as Grimaldi's- which is good pizza but it really irked me that it wasn't a local place.

Now, my favorite local pizza places are House of Pizza, Pizza Joint, Casa Pizza and Peter Piper Pizza (which is technically a chain, I know). Peter Piper made the list at number 15, the last spot, and House of Pizza made the list at number 5, and Pizza Joint and Casa Pizza didn't even make the list- which is insane.

After posting that article on our Facebook pages, many of you took to the comment section to share your thoughts on what local pizza place SHOULD be on the top of that list. Except for a few comments like:

"Stick to tacos, burritos and menudo El Paso. You don’t know what good pizza or Italian food is. Lol"

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For the most part, many of you were helpful in choosing local places to get some 'za.

I was happy to see that many agreed with to say that the Pizza Joint and House of Pizza were top tier pizzas. Others mentioned that weren't on the list were:

  • Casa Pizza
  • Roadrunner Pizza
  • Pizza Pro's (which still exists!)
  • JV's Pizza
  • Flicks
  • Sun City Slice

And some of you even remembered some old El Paso favorites like Double Dave's, Pistol Pete's and Andres!

So, while Buzz tried to sully Peter Piper's deliciousness, many of you were kind of agreeing with me. It's not that Grimaldi's is bad pizza, it's quite good, I just wish that the highest rated place was local place.

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