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The Dallas Cowboys will be in the National spotlight for the very first game of the entire NFL Season. They will also play the very final game of the NFL season, as well.  The National Football League released the 2021 schedule and the Dallas Cowboys will take on Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the very first game of the NFL season on Thursday, September 9th. If Dak is at 100%, this should be an epic quarterback showdown with Brady.  This will be one of four primetime games for 'America's Team'

The Cowboys will play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, September 27th. The October 31st matchup on Halloween is a Sunday night game against the Vikings.  December 2nd is a Thursday night matchup with the Saints.  The final game of the NFL season will be the Dallas Cowboys and The Washington Football team on Sunday, December 26th.  As always that last game of the season is usually very important in the NFC East.  I mean last year the Washington Football team won the division at 7-9. So if the Dallas Cowboys can keep with their mediocrity at 8-8 they have a real chance to win the division LOL.  I am a Cowboys fan so am I allowed to talk mess. Here is my prediction means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. The Cowboys will win 10 or 11 games IF everyone stays healthy and they can play a little defense. Check out their full schedule...

WE DEM BOYZ! LOL. Let's go Cowboys!

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