There are so many "what ifs" to consider regarding the Cowboys game against the Vikings and the season to this point. Your record says in the NFL that you are who you are and this Dallas team is a division leader. However, it is a division leader that should have a better record than it does at present. Simply put, this team has seen the enemy and it is us.

After spotting the Vikings 14 points, Dallas came back like champs and took the lead as Dak Prescott and the receiving corps dismantled the secondary of Minnesota. It was evident that the Vikings were sold out to stop Zeke Elliott from beating them and when they dared Dak to get it done, he did.

The Cowboys defense played relatively well and showed a lot of "bend but don't break" resiliency. Who would have thought that tight end Kyle Rudolph would be such a great weapon for Kurt Cousins with the likes of running back Dalvin Cook and wide receiver Stefon Diggs? Rudolph competed like a spry young player with youthful ability as he made a ridiculously acrobatic one-handed touchdown catch in the back of the endzone. Then Rudolph added a second tally as well with a routine TD catch beating linebacker Sean Lee with a little push off that wasn't called.

All this would be considered side notes if a routine field goal would have been made and a couple of third down and 2 plays would have been successful. Maybe the idea is to get the losses out of the way before the "win or go home" season, the playoffs begins. The last win the Cowboys had in the Super Bowl was with a team with four losses. This leaves no margin of error and Dallas still has to play New England on the road.

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