The Denver Broncos are now America's Team? Well, that's according to The Harris Poll, which surveyed 2,543 adults. The nationwide poll was taken from Sept. 10-17.

It just goes to show the popularity of Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning. He is the reason why the Broncos replaced the Dallas Cowboys, who had finished in The Harris Poll's top spot for each of the previous six years as the "favorite team" of adults who follow professional football.

Here's the top 10 most popular teams according to the Harris poll. Once again note that the poll was taken in early September, I wonder how that poll would look like if they took it this week, especially since the Cowboys are 5-1.

1. Denver Broncos

2. New York Giants

3. Green Bay Packers

4. Dallas Cowboys

5. Pittsburg Steelers

6. Seattle Seahawks

7. San Francisco 49ers

8. New England Patriots

9. Chicago Bears

10. New Orleans Saints