Baseball is the one game that, even with steroids, still seemed pure. The crack of the bat, the green grass out in the outfield, the family ties created, and the memories that last a lifetime or more, are all things that bring us together to love this game. Some have felt the sheer joy of winning it all, others have felt the agony of defeat. None, more so than Cubs and Indians fans.

176 combined years between championships. Over 35,000 days for the Chicago Cubs, owners of the longest drought between championships, and finally, the reigning World Champions. Thought the series will go down as one of the best of all time, The 2016 version of the Cubs will go down as one of the best team to have dawned a Cubs uniform ever. No one on that roster will ever have to buy a drink in Chicago, especially Ben Zobrist.

Who would have thought Game 7 of the World Series would go to extra innings? even more outrageous, who would have thought that Game seven would have a slight rain delay right before going to extras?

I was with some friends at a fine establishment, all of us cheering on the Indians. Yet, I was the more vocal. I claimed the Indians would win it all in Game 7, with a walk off win... the most audacious of claims, but I stood firmly by it.

As the 8th inning went, a Rajai Davis 2 run home run would inch me ever so close to being a profit, a legind in my own mind of baseball lore. However, a small rain delay, that the best of American Literary masterpieces could not conjure up, was what started the 10th inning. That small rain delay, would prove to be the downfall of Cleveland.

A single, a walk, and Ben Zobrist with no outs, the rest became history.

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven
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The Cleveland Indians, had one hell of a season, and came up one run shy of winning the who thing, and should be congratulated on their season. Yet, the Cubs will steal the headlines, coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the series, becoming the second team since the '85 Royals to comeback from such a daunting deficit and win the World Series.

For the first time in 108 years, multiple generations that have come and gone, and for the Cubs fans around the world. You can finally toss that monkey off your back. YOU ARE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!

Drink that in Cubs fans, you deserve that.

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