When you say that headline I'd be willing to bet you already have an idea of where I'm going with this. There are a lot of different takes on Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. There are a lot of people that believe Dak isn't a franchise quarterback despite the insane numbers he puts up. There are also people who believe that those numbers mean nothing because the team wasn't winning this year. Let's take a look at his numbers:

  • Career:
    • Record - 42 wins, 27 losses
    • Completion percentage - 66.0%
    • Passing yards - 17,634
    • Passing TDs - 106
    • Interceptions - 40
    • Rushing yards - 1,314
    • Rushing TDs - 24

Before his devastating injury this season Dak was putting up insane numbers. Of course, there are a lot of people that are saying that Dak simply won't be the same quarterback when he returns.

Me? Do I believe all the naysayers about Dak? Do I think Dak is washed up and finished after one of the worst injuries we've seen in years? No. Absolutely not. So why in the world do I think the Cowboys should move on from Dak this offseason? Because I'm a Patriots fan and I would love for Bill Belichick to land Dak. The Patriots have a TON of money this offseason. Which means they could hopefully land Dak and give him some weapons to work with too. They're set at the running back position, but if they can use the extra money let's say Hunter Henry at tight end, and still sign someone like Chris Godwin or Allen Robinson II at wide receiver.

Please, Jerry Jones. Let Dak go. You're already buried under Zeke Elliott's bloated contract.

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