It's December Cowboys fans, and you know what that means!  That's right, the Cowboys will inevitably play their worst football of the season and more than likely squander another opportunity to make the playoffs.

The Cowboys are now 7-6 after an embarrassing 45-28 loss to Chicago on Monday night.  Dallas was riding a two game winning streak and had been  playing relatively solid on defense before Monday's meltdown.  To put it quite simply, the Cowboys' defense played horribly, allowing the Bears to score on virtually every offensive possession.  Did I mention that Sean Lee returned to the starting lineup?

Lee's return made no difference at all as the Cowboys gave up 490 yards and are on pace to give up the most yards in a season.  As a matter of fact, the Cowboys are allowing 24.9 first downs per game this season, which is on pace to be the worst by any defense since the 1981 Baltimore Colts!

Offensively the team is solid as usual, Romo is throwing an average of 3 touchdowns and for around 300 yards per game, and isn't making nearly as many mistakes only throwing 7 interceptions this season.  The way the Cowboys traditionally play this month, it does not look like they will make the post season.  Their final three games are against the Packers, Redskins, and Eagles who are playing great football.

Jason Garrett should be fired after this season for a variety of reasons.  He was a great offensive coordinator but has been a mediocre head coach.  He has made numerous questionable calls and on several occasions had poor clock management.  His dismal clock management has even led to a couple of Cowboys losses.  Garrett shows little emotion on the sidelines and has accomplished nothing  as the Cowboys head coach, and it is time for a change.  This change will probably not happen though as the best GM in the NFL, Jerry Jones has said that Garrett will be back next season.

Monte Kiffin should be fired because his defense is atrocious!  Somewhere in New Orleans Rob Ryan is grinning from ear to ear.  Kiffin was a phenomenal defensive coordinator in Tampa Bay with his famous 'Tampa 2' defense.  That was years ago, as the 73 year old has clearly lost his touch.  It is understandable that Dallas is average on defense to begin with, and has had injuries this season, but it is clear that the team is not responding to Kiffin's system.

Jerry Jones defended his defensive coordinator saying "there is nobody I'd rather have than him."  If this isn't the most ignorant statement of the season, then I don't know what is.  Is Jones really too foolish to realize that his team needs a change in a huge way?  Probably not, but he has to somehow justify his idiotic decisions by making the comments that he does.  Jones also said that Kiffin "takes it personally, it's hard on him" referring to the harsh criticism he has received.  What can you say Jerry, the Cowboys defense sucks, and someone besides you needs to take the blame.

The soap opera continues in Dallas as the Cowboys looked to be on their way to another potentially promising season that may end in disappointment, again!  Don't worry Cowboys fans, your spectacular GM Jerry Jones will fix things soon.