A couple of years ago a lot of people started having discussions about the correct way to pronounce El Paso. These discussions came about when a Latina Journalist was being criticized for how she pronounced our city name. Just because Claudia Tristan was being slammed for her pronunciation of El Paso it didn't stop her. She made a statement about defending why she chooses to pronounce El Paso the way she does. Thanks to Remezcla you can see Claudia Tristan's explanation of why she pronounces El Paso how she does.

I totally feel for Claudia Tristan because all my life I have been slammed for how I pronounce my last name, Gonzalez. Of course, no one likes hearing their own name being butchered by someone else. There are some people who say I don't sound bad when I pronounce things with a Spanish accent. But then again they can just be acting polite instead of rude. I honestly feel like I don't roll my R's right or pronounce Spanish origin words correctly. My thing has mainly been more of an uncomfortable feeling of insecurity of not pronouncing Spanish words right.

Everyone has their own beliefs and does things the way they want them done. I am curious if you're also firm on pronouncing El Paso with a Spanish or English accent. I understand Claudia Tristan and why she pronounces it the way she does. For example, asking what happened in Spanish isn't pronounced que pass oh. I don't pronounce my hometown the way Claudia Tristan does. Let me know how you pronounce our city name El Paso in the poll below.

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