When the Astrodome opened 48 years ago it was known as the 8th wonder of the world.  The facility which was the home of the Astros and Oilers for decades was the first ever multi purpose domed stadium ever built.

The Astrodome was built mostly due to Houston's extremely humid climate, where Summertime temperatures often reach the high 90's.  The stadium hasn't hosted a sporting event since 1999.  Reliant Stadium replaced the Astrodome in 2002 and is the current home of the Houston Texans.

Local residents in Houston will cast a vote today that will determine whether or not the famed stadium will be destroyed.  If residents vote for the $217 million dollar bond then the Astrodome will be converted into an exhibition and convention center, if they vote against the bill, then the stadium will be destroyed.  A study conducted in 2010 found that it would cost approximately $100 million dollars to demolish the stadium.

I think that they should convert the Astrodome into a convention center, after all it truly was one of the wonders of the world when it was built.  The stadium is legendary and has a tremendous history.  It should be preserved for future generations to see, and one could argue that every domed stadium or retractable domed stadium built was modeled after the Astrodome.

The number one reason why the Astrodome should not be destroyed is the same reason why Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, or any other historical place should be preserved; so people never forget what humans are capable of creating.  It is because of the past that we are able to advance as a society and accomplish so much in the future.



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