It was a baseball edition of The After Buzz as I was gearing up for my first El Paso Chihuahua's game of the season. So I told lots of baseball stories.

  • My first experience with a Major League ballgame.
  • Seeing Randy Johnson pitch in Seattle and just how damn big he is.
  • Getting to see Cal Ripken Jr. in Seattle and also over in Baltimore.
  • Heckling Miguel Cabrera while he played third base for the Florida Marlin. Seriously, I once watched that guy not even attempt to bend over for a ground ball.
  • I told one story of me playing baseball. I took a pitch right in the ear and it knocked me out. The way my body fell, they thought I broke my neck, so I had to be hauled out on an ambulance. Fun times.
  • And I talk about how I'm now on a true mission to catch a foul ball or home run ball,

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