The guys are back!

Well, most of them, with a new addition to the video ranks...Mando "The Monster" Medina has thrown his video picks into the mix! See how Steve "took it in the shorts", find out what Andy is reading to get ready for the weekend, and, and stuff.

Last week's pick winner is a tie between Andy and Duke, both hitting 70% of their picks, and Steve trailing an abysmal 50% behind them.

Stats Recap from last week's videos:

  • Andy 70% (3 of 5 NCAA / 4 of 5 NFL) High School Win
  • Duke 70% (5 of 5 NCAA / 2 of 5 NFL)
  • Steve 50% (2 of 5 NCAA / 3 of 5 NFL)

Steve Kaplowitz

Andy Lee

Mando "The Monster" Medina