The half-time show during Super Bowl 54 sparked a few complaints and Texans called in the most.

The show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira definitely had its share of critics and reports that the FCC received more than 1300 complaints from all over the United States. The state of Texas sent in the most with a total of 140 complaints. You can see all the complaints here. (I didn't send in a complaint myself but, if I had, it would not have concerned the "act". I thought the music sucked...)

1300 may seem like a lot but, it's not exactly a record-setter as the FCC gets complaints about Super Bowl halftime shows every year and this one was nowhere near the high mark. That "honor" went to the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show during which Janet Jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction introduced her nipple to the world.

That one sparked 200,000 complaints. (Watch it here.)

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