You might be a little surprised to hear this but... there is a Christian Nudist Colony in South Texas.

Granted, the idea of a nudist colony in Texas isn't necessarily shocking, despite how one may feel about such a place. But, when you add in the adjective "Christian," well that leads some to simply blink and stare in awe.

It's true though.

Not too far from the little South Texas town of Elsa, you will find a tall sheet metal fence surrounding a few acres of land in the Rio Grande Valley. At the gate, you'll see a sign that says "Nature's Resort." If you were to continue inside you might not see anything that might cause any eyebrows to raise. NBC 4 describes the first views of the place as a "seemingly ordinary community. RVs and small homes line the roads, péntaque and pickleball courts offer residents recreational spaces, and the front office acts as the community’s nucleus."

The only thing that seems out of the ordinary in this South Texas gated community? The residents are wandering about in nothing but their birthday suits.

So one of the first questions you may ask yourself is "how on earth do the residents of this nudist colony consider themselves a Christian community?" Well, you may be surprised by what the residents themselves have to say. You may also find yourself fascinated by some of their unlikely advocates.

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One of the co-owners of "Nature's Resort" is Misty Katz. She shared with NBC 4 that her love for nudism began when growing up in South Africa, "she was scolded by her parents for undressing in public when her clothes got dirty."

As an adult, Katz no longer worries about that. And she has long considered herself a devout Christian. Critics may suggest that there is something about walking about nude with other people outside of one's family inherently opposed to Christian orthodoxy. But Katz, and other members of the community, say there's no reason one can't be both nude AND modest. They emphasize the fact that they're careful not to draw too much attention to their bodies in a suggestive way.

And even more interesting? They have surprising allies--some of whom are considered quite conservative Christians.

For example, NBC 4 reports that a non-denominational conservative pastor "Ron Smith, of McAllen’s Church of the King, vehemently opposes homosexuality, abortion, and the transgender community, but when it comes to nudism, his strident views loosen up."

Smith is on record as having said:

“I think it’s odd, I think it’s strange, but I have no proof it’s sinning. We have a retired couple that sit in the front row every Sunday that live at a nudist camp. I believe they’re dedicated Christians.”

If you want to delve even deeper to discover more of the "naked" truth, you can access that here.

But we're curious...what do you think about the idea of a Christian nudist community? Let me know at

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