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XFL’s Seattle Dragons Open Season Saturday, FAQs
The second incarnation of WWE mogul Vince McMahon's Extreme Football League (XFL) kicks off Saturday when the Seattle Dragons face the Defenders in Washington, D.C. Here are some things to know to familiarize yourself with the team and the league in general.
XFL Franchise Coming to El Paso? Not a Chance
WWE founder and chairman Vince McMahon announced that the XFL is officially returning in 2020 following an 18 year hiatus.  There will be a total of eight franchises situated around the country, and they will play a 10-week schedule that will take place from January through March; all of the gimmicks that used to exist when the league launched in 2001 will be eliminated...
How One Man’s Vision Changed Pro Wrestling Forever
After last week's remembering The Ultimate Warrior, I have decided to begin a weekly entry covering the most influential people in Professional Wrestling.  As a major fan of wrestling, I look forward to sharing with you those I believe to be among the most influential people in sports entertainment today...