I'm not gonna lie, the recent death of Randy 'The Macho Man' Savage rekindled a love hate relationship I've always had with professional wrestling.  It has always been like a drug, or forbidden romance.  I know I should stay away, yet I cant.No one questions the injuries or training involved in professional wrestling, but as an adult you really question yourself for watching a 'match' with a pre-determined outcome.  You know what you are watching is geared for children and adolescents.  This is especially true now because the WWE is in its PG era.

Unless you are born into a wrestling family, every young boy or girl stumbles upon the fabulous world of professional wrestling in pretty much the same fashion.  It's a Saturday morning you are flipping through the channels and you come across two behemoths body slamming each other.  Or perhaps you witness a half naked grown man with a crazed look in his eyes telling an interviewer how he was screwed out of a title and will make minced meat of his 'enemy.'  Those first thirty seconds are critical.  You either become hooked for life or think it's stupid.

Any wrestling fan identifies most with the era they grew up in.  The 80s brought us 'Hulkamania' and the classic good vs. evil archetypes.  In the late 90s Vince McMahon did something that will never be duplicated.

For me nothing will ever top the 'Attitude Era.'  The heroes were lewd, crude, sometimes nude, and we couldn't get enough.  Real life Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle was portrayed as a cheesy, prudish, oaf and was booed relentlessly.  This was a guy who won a gold medal for the United States in Greco-Roman wrestling.  In the 80s he would have been a bigger hero than Hogan.  The combination of sexually suggestive story lines and 'pseudo' violence was the perfect mix for teenagers with raging hormones.  If that wasn't enough the WWF was facing real competition from Ted Turner's upstart WCW.

In the end McMahon won and incorporated the WCW.  Slowly but surely the WWF weeded out the WCW brand.  By 2002 I was a high school senior, the WWF had become the much lamer sounding WWE, and I started to lose interest.  For the better part of a decade I thought I had outgrown wrestling.

A little over a month ago one of the legends of the business was taken from us too soon.  After the Macho Man passed, I decided to check out wrestling again.  After all, it never really leaves your system.  It just becomes suppressed, like Magic Johnson's HIV.

Much to my amazement I stumbled upon one of the great characters and story lines in a real long time. Ron 'R Truth' Killings was a journeyman who has enjoyed a recent push as a 'heel.'  'Truth' thinks John Cena receives favorable treatment from the company.  'Truth' condescendingly refers to all the kids who wear Cena apparel as 'Little Jimmies.'  Who knows how long the Cena/Truth feud will last, but this could be one of the single greatest moments in Raw history.