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The NFL’s Big Black Eye- Domestic Violence
While domestic violence has existed for a very long time, both in the National Football League and in the world at large, the issue in the NFL has taken the spotlight since video of Ray Rice dragging his then-fiance Janay Palmer from an elevator after knocking her unconscious...
Could This Be It For Roger Goodell?
According to an AP source, a law enforcement official sent a copy of the Ray Rice tape to an NFL executive in April.
This bombshell comes just one day after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell went on CBS and in an interview said that Monday was the first time the NFL had seen the video of Ray Rice k…
NFL Might Get Rid Of Extra Points
Yesterday NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was on the NFL Network and during an interview with Rich Eisen Goodell revealed that the league is at least considering eliminating the point-after attempt.

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