To say that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had a tough night during the first round of the NFL Draft in Chicago is an understatement. Besides being booed before every selection, Goodell butchered Marcus Mariota's last name as he announced the pick by the Tennessee Titans. What makes his error so hard to fathom is that Mariota was the subject of trade talks for weeks leading up to last night's draft in Chicago. It is almost as if Goodell never listened to any reports and also ignored the correct spelling of Mariota's name on the NFL Draft card he gets before each pick.

My personal favorite moment from last night's first round involved Washington defensive tackle Danny Shelton. The mammoth lineman measures 6-2 1/8 and 339 pounds, and celebrated his meeting with the commissioner by picking him up in a giant bearhug. Since Goodell took office as the head of the NFL in 2006, it has been a tradition for him to greet every first round pick in the NFL Draft with a bro-hug. Shelton decided to take it to another level and Browns head coach Mike Pettine was more than amused. "I haven't seen that before," Pettine said. "The look of panic on Roger's face was quite interesting."


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