Baker Mayfield

Jarvis Landry Sends Subtle Shots At Baker Mayfield
The saga with Baker Mayfield and his wide receivers continues onward. Whoever thought it was over with the departure of Odell Beckham Jr. was wrong, because now Jarvis Landry has spoken up on his quarterback. He states how he does everything right on Sundays and doesn't know why he isn't getting the ball. He also was asked about why the passing game isn't working and he responded with a no answer of no I don't I'm sorry.
Highlights and Low Points of the NFL Draft First Round
Thursday's draft was a spectacle that nobody quite expected to unfold the way it did. From five quarterbacks taken in the first, to six lineman taken, to some crazy trades, the first round of the draft lived up to all the hype and more. The gambling Cleveland Browns  It came to many as a shock, but the Browns called Baker Mayfield's name at No...

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