On the front page of this morning's El Paso Times was an article about baseball returning to UTEP.  That subject is near and dear to my heart.  My maternal grandfather, Andy Cohen, and his brother Syd started and ran the program from its inception in the 60s until the late 70s.  Athletic director Bill Cords axed the program after the 1985 season because of financial considerations.

My issue, however, has absolutely nothing to do with whether UTEP should bring back the baseball program.  Bob Stull made a compelling case why baseball is still unfeasible at this time, and I'm cool with that.

My problem, you see, is that Andy's younger brother Syd (always in his big brother's shadow) was nowhere to be found in the picture on the front page.  The 'Times' opted to go with a picture of Andy and his assistant, Krush Kruschwitz.  Krush Kruschwitz is one of the all time great names in the history of names, but UTEP has to have a picture of Andy and Syd rocking the Miners uni somewhere in its massive cache of photographs.

I am 100% convinced this conversation happened somewhere in the cosmos:

Andy Cohen:  Hey, boychik (Yiddish for young man, also what Andy and Syd called each other), did you see the El Paso Times?

Syd Cohen:  Sure did, boychik.  Would have been nice if they put me in the picture.

Andy Cohen:  You said it, boychik.