Temperatures are on the rise in El Paso! One great way to beat the heat in El Paso is to hit up one of the local water parks or splash pads!


Which is great because summers in El Paso can be brutal!

If the local water park crowds are not really your thing, then there is another option for you- Swimply!

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"Swimply," is being called the AirBnB of swimming pools and was launched at the start of 2020. Swimply displays where you could rent out private pools at an hourly rate. Last year, in El Paso, there were only four pools available. From then to now, lots more pools were added!

So if you're looking to escape the heat but aren't interested in hitting up the public pools, here are 24 pools you can rent out in El Paso.

Pools You Can Rent in El Paso on Swimply

Swimply works just like an AirBnB, except you are only using the pools. Some of the pool hosts do offer a pool house, or sometimes the entire house. Some can offer more than just the pool and include amenities like a grill, speakers and a separate playground for children. Some are even pet friendly so that your furry companion can also cool off in the pool.

You can check out Swimply and find all these pools to reserve your date and beat the heat this summer!

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