You always hear people say: I think I look pretty good for my age. Well, after watching this video, we are convinced that very people actually do.

Listen, guys -- No longer is an aging body a legitimate reason for walking around with flabby arms and a beer gut so big, it looks as if you’re a six-pack away from giving birth to a baby elephant. A man’s body may not be an accurate representation of his age, but it is, however, a pretty good indicator as to how many hours he spends perched in front of a television, gargling pepperoni pizza with a Buffalo wing chaser.

But hey, this is America: if you want to lay around and shape shift, a French fry at a time, into the poster child for the fat, lazy and disgusting bastard, that’s your business, or you can get off the stinking couch and follow in the footsteps of 64-year-old Robert Dervin – aka badass grandpa.

Dervin says that about a year and a half ago, he discovered calisthenics while watching Bar Stars on YouTube. After years of being overweight and experiencing numerous health issues, Dervin says he decided to try some of the exercises and really enjoyed how they made him feel.

So, if you’re sitting around grasping your chest, wondering if you’re minutes away from suffering a major heart attack, before you call 911, perhaps you still have some time left to check out this video, just so you can see how you probably should have lived your life before being carted off for that triple bypass.