Welcome to another edition of Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman Brandon Cohn.

Today's show includes a discussion on Super Bowl XLVII, as well as the Iceman's prediction as to which team will win the big game.

We talk about Ray Lewis and the accusation that he used a banned NFL substance to help him rehab from a torn triceps injury, on the 49er's side, we discuss how backup QB Alex Smith has asked the team to release him following the Super Bowl.  We also talk about how Randy Moss said that he is the greatest wide receiver to ever play in the NFL.

We talk about New York Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez and the accusation that he has been using performance enhancing drugs since 2009.

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"I always find it comical to to hear fans say, I don't want the 49ers to win because they will have more championships than the Cowboys, it's just funny."

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