We are just days away from Super Bowl Sunday. Here are some facts you can use to make yourself sound smart in front of your friends.

  1. Tom Brady has the most total touchdown passes in the Super Bowl with 18. Who is second?
    1. Joe Montana - 11
  2. Which quarterback has the most overall rush yards in the Super Bowl?
    1. Joe Montana - 105 yards
  3. Who has the most overall receiving yards in Super Bowl history?
    1. Jerry Rice - 589 yards
  4. Who has kicked the most field goals in Super Bowl history?
    1. Adam Vinatieri - 7 (The former Patriot holds the lead for now, but current Patriot Stephen Gostkowski is could tie or take the lead after this Super Bowl as he currently sits with 5 field goals.)
  5. Super Bowl Sunday is America's second largest food consumption day, what is the first?
    1. Thanksgiving
  6. What was the first team to visit the White House after winning the Super Bowl?
    1. The 1980 Pittsburgh Steelers, they made it a joint visit with the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, who had just won the World Series
  7. Who is the only Super Bowl MVP to come from a losing team?
    1. Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley in Super Bowl V, when the Colts beat the Cowboys.
  8. Only one NFL city has never hosted or had their team make a Super Bowl, which one is it?
    1. Cleveland
  9. The 1996 Super Bowl was blocked on some Internet proxy servers, why?
    1. It was Super Bowl 30, which is written as Super Bowl XXX
  10. When and where was the coldest Super Bowl?
    1. The game took place at Tulane stadium in New Orleans, with the temp of 39 degrees.

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