Wednesday nights have become the best nights in Professional Wrestling. Since October 2019 both NXT and AEW have been putting on some of the best combinations of storytelling and athletics. These Wednesday Night Ratings Wars have driven each of the shows to be better. They've had to adapt and change plans throughout the ongoing global pandemic. Both shows are doing the most they can to bring eyes to their product and make the statement that they're the premier wrestling show.

AEW made a major statement last night.

On an action packed episode of AEW Dynamite dubbed "Winter is Coming" the icon Sting made his return to TNT! Sting had wrestled the last wrestling match on TNT with Ric Flair before WCW was bought out by the WWE. The Stinger was thought to be retired after his last and only stint with WWE.

The WCW Superstar made his debut last night after Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin's tag match with Team Taz's Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs. After the match Team Taz attacked the duo of Rhodes and Allin with Brian Cage. Later Arn Anderson and Dustin Rhodes would try to help with no avail. It was clear that Team Taz had the upper hand when they held Rhodes down for a brutal attack, but then the lights went out.

Ominous music started to play as snowy tundra appeared on the screen at Daily's Place in Jacksonville. From the shadows a familiar presence stepped out. Sting in WCW gear, from face paint to bat.

Sting entered the ring and had a full stare down with all of the babyfaces left in the ring. Holding longer in the staredown with Darby Allin, who the online wrestling community has compared to Sting extensively over the past couple of months.

AEW issued a full press release post-show, that confirmed Sting has been signed to a "full-time, multi-year agreement." Will he be in ring or just in a manger type role? We will have to wait and see. It's been announced that he will address the AEW universe next Wednesday on Dynamite.


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