Former NBA player and general manager Steve Kerr wrote a piece for ESPN's in which he makes a case for the league raising the age limit from 19 to 20.  In his article, Kerr lists six reasons why he believes the NBA would be a better business with an age limit of 20.

For my own selfish reasons I'd love to see the age limit raised to 20.  The reason college football and the NFL seem to have such a great relationship is that we get to see stars play at least three years in college and we know their names and games by the time they are drafted in the NFL.

There is a huge disconnect between college basketball and the NBA.  Since nobody watches college basketball until March, we see these one-and-done's for a month, and just as we're getting to know them they are off to the NBA.  I certainly don't begrudge them for that, but it makes it harder for fans to drum up interest in college basketball.

As a former general manager, Kerr takes the standpoint of a front office executive.  He makes plenty of compelling arguments that lead to the hypothesis that everyone would benefit in the long run.