Socorro ISD will resume their summer meal program on Monday, August 3 allowing all children aged 18 years and younger access to free breakfast and lunch.  These summer meals will be available through Friday, August 14.

Families can drive by SISD campuses on weekdays between 8 to 10 a.m. and have meals placed in their trunks or backseats by Child Nutrition Services employees in order to maintain social distancing.  If for whatever reason, it is not possible to open the back of a vehicle, meals will be placed on a tray to reduce contact.

All SISD campuses will provide summer meal service with the exception of Montwood High School, Mission Early College High School, and Options High School.

Parents who bring their children with them to pick up breakfast and lunch will not be required to show any documentation.

Parents that would prefer to keep the kids at home while they take advantage of this vital service will be asked to provide some sort of official school documentation such as a report card showing the student’s name or a school ID card.  If they’re wanting to pickup a meal for a child that is not in school, they’ll be asked to show a birth certificate for them.

Saturday meals will also be provided; however, they will be distributed to families on Fridays so families will be picking up two meals for their children that day, Friday’s meal and also Saturday’s meal.

This service may seem like something nice but otherwise unimportant to a child’s education by those of us blessed and fortunate enough to not have to stress about putting food on the table, but I can assure you that for those families that are struggling, knowing they have a reliable and free source of nutrition for their little ones makes all the difference in the world.  Simply learning in a school setting can be challenging, imagine a child being expected to do that while also being hungry and not knowing when their next meal might be.

I’d say that if you know any Child Nutrition Services employees to give them a big hug, but that’s not such a good idea at the moment.  Instead tip your hat to them and make sure they know how much they’re valued and appreciated.  They don’t hear that enough and definitely deserve to be recognized way more often.

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