The old-fashioned expression to “pull a boner” usually refers to someone making a silly mistake.  In an act of love and devotion, it seems as though one 21-year-old Iranian man may have taken that expression a little too literally.

The story goes that our Don Juan went to get a tattoo with the phrase ‘borow be salaamat’ (Persian for “Good luck on your journeys”) along with his girlfriend’s initial on his penis.  Ah, young love. Anyway, the artist was doing the inking by hand without an electric gun and went a little too deep.

The resulting puncture wounds left the man with what’s called a blood vessel fistula, resulting in a pseudoaneurysm that has caused him semi-permanent arousal.  In non-medical terms, he now has a chronic chubby.

After shunning doctors’ advice, and possibly the advances of every woman he’s told this story to, the man kept the tattoo and the unintended side effect.