The World Cup is right around the corner, and apparently Buzz is ready to support Team Mexico. As a soccer fan, I have a problem with this. He doesn't know the team or even the sport. So I gave him a brief quiz to test his knowledge.

  1. Who did Mexico play on Monday (Memorial Day 5/28) at the Rose Bowl?
    1. Wales
  2. Who are the teams in Mexico's group in this year's World Cup?
    1. Germany, Sweden, South Korea
  3. Team Mexico has one player that plays in the Premier League. Who is that player and what Premier League team does he play for?
    1. Chicharito (Javier Hernandez), West Ham United

In case you didn't know, he didn't get a single one correct.

In my opinion, he absolutely should not be allowed to wear the shirt. It offends me as a soccer fan. He constantly bashes it on the air and has never seen a game. And as Joanna pointed out on the MoSho, he's a firm believer that if someone is wearing a band t-shirt, they should at least know some songs by the band. I say the same applies for a sports shirt or jersey.

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