Former NBA center Shawn Bradley, who is 7-foot-6,  was distraught after his custom-made Trek road bicycle was stolen last week.

But thanks to some good detective work, the bike was returned to him on Thursday.

Since the bike is far too big for the average person to ride, Bradley speculates that the thief planned to pawn or sell it. It’s valued at between $6,000 and $10,000.

Authorities found the bike after conducting a random search of a home in Murray, Utah, where Bradley has a house. Thirty-four-year-old Joshua Carter was arrested for the crime.

“It’s just kind of a weird story. It’s not like I can go down to the bike shop and buy a new bike. It’d be the same if my clothes were stolen,” Bradley said.

Bradley began cycling after he gained weight following his retirement. Since then, he’s shed some of the pounds. He was just happy to get his beloved bike back.

“I’m not a racer, but I love to ride,” he said. “A day like today would have been perfect.”

[Associated Press]