Said no replacement refs yesterday...

Bottom line, the replacement refs lack experience and needed to be selected based on their level of officiating or a new CBA needs to be made and soon!


Once again I stress this ultimately falls on the lap of Roger Goodell and the league. The games integrity is now being compromised. This was wrong and who was upstairs? (Insert joke here) Everyone talks about Ed Hochuli and while I respect him, I still remember what happened with Jay Cutler back in 2008. Even the regular refs have made bad calls that have determined the outcome of a game. But at least Hochuli threw the flag on himself after he helped the Broncos beat the Chargers. Someone, anyone should throw a flag at Roger Goodell for poor judgement, selfishness and greed as well as the inability to secure qualified employees under his leadership.

Monica Versie

There have been bad calls before and unfortunately there are three teams out there playing. That's the politics in the money-driven game of professional football. I suggested every time a player or coach is fined for bullying a replacement ref that the money goes toward a fund to get the original refs back -- since the league is acting broke.The New England Patriots Bill Belichick could bring them back with his ref arm grab alone.

One true Seahawks fan I know text me this last night,"I personally don't want a "follow-the-yellow-flag-road" victory. I know Russ Wilson really didn't know it wasn't a touchdown at that point. Our team is playing better than last year for sure and for that I'm excited, but I don't want to win this way! WE DIDN'T GET THE TOUCHDOWN!"

Here's another interesting point that certainly takes back seat to the real situation at hand. How did this affect fantasy leagues? I wonder if one team came up on another just because they had Russell Wilson or Golden Tate?

Here's what Las Vegas has to say according to RJ Bell of

"68% of bets last night were on the Packers; only 32% on the Seahawks. Worldwide, an estimated $150 million MORE was bet on Green Bay than Seattle. Meaning, due to one call by the replacement refs, the bettors lost $150 million, and the bookie won $150 million for a total swing of $300 million on one debatably bad call!"